Need info on Texas...moving there, and no friends/family. where's a good place, what's the newspapers?
2006-04-02 16:49:11 UTC
moving in 2 months. do not have friends or family there. never been there, but feel a pull there, escially to Fredericksburg. Need info on newpapers, rental rates, how easy to get a job, etc. thanks!
Three answers:
2006-04-02 16:55:48 UTC
Other than living in Costa Rica for the last six months Texas is home.....It is a great state with great people.....Fredericksburg is nice, a bit to touristy....Austin is fantastic......I would suggest looking up each city on the web......Good luck....Welcome to Texas Pard......
2006-04-02 23:55:54 UTC
El Paso supposedly has the lowest incidence of mental illness in the nation.
2006-04-04 01:14:43 UTC
San Antonio is the best city in Texas because of its history plus theres a lot to do here i moved here back in 02' from Dallas and it has been great. this city has that small town feeling but still big enough to were you can find what your looking for. heres my opinion on a couple of other citys

Houston, Dallas, El Paso, Waco and Fort Worth are all boring nothing to do in those citys

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