My yahoo account password was stolen and messages sent to my buddy list. I changed my password what I do?
2006-03-08 21:46:07 UTC
After my account was used to send spam via messenger to my buddy list I changed my password twice. What else should I do?
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game over loves evanescence
2006-03-08 22:11:44 UTC
ok if ur yahoo pasword was stolen by spyware there is only one way this could have happened . this is what happened u got ur email acount and set a password then u were ask do u want windows to remenber ur acount and u said yes .if u done it again

1 ur gonna have to adquired another password a four time sorry about this . dont ever let windows remenber ur password it can get stolen by spyware the same whit all other paswords that u used .

2 u need an antyspyware and a firewall u can only used one firewall i heard the best free firewall is the zone .

3 dont ever write ur pasword anyware allways try to have one that u remenber whit big and small letters and also numbers and never used ur birthday or any birthday that may be related to u.

4 always type ur password as i said int he firths paragraph.
2006-03-08 21:55:51 UTC
You sure the password was stolen? Maybe it was a virus that sends messages to messenger contacts.
2016-10-20 03:02:15 UTC
hi, Your Yahoo Account could have been hacked, this befell to me recently and from what I incredibly have considered on yahoo solutions it has befell to hell of alot of human beings too. besides right this is what you're able to DO:- you're able to touch Yahoo by making use of e mail it relatively is generally completed by making use of clicking on help on the backside suitable Hand ingredient of the Yahoo website. Then click on Mail, then touch client Care, suitable hand ingredient of website. Fill in classification and Sub classification, be certain you fill temporarily information of what has befell, press enter. Then for greater help click on e mail A help AGENT. there will be a style to fill in. Then yahoo will touch you at yet another e mail handle you're able to offer them. they'll ask you for yet another e mail handle to touch you, no longer a yahoo e mail one. you're able to create a sparkling one the two Google, Hotmail, etc. you would be asked to create a sparkling password. stable success Claire x
2006-03-08 21:54:09 UTC
get a new account

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