where can I get good hotel deals and coupons for san antonio,tx?
2006-04-02 22:01:31 UTC
Just wanted to know where I could get discount coupons for san antonio sea world and hotels?
Five answers:
2006-04-04 16:04:50 UTC
Try contacting the San Antonio Convention and Visitor Bureau. They will send you free information about the city as well as discounts for various attractions such as Sea World. They also have special rates with many hotels. They have a promotion code you mention when you call various hotels. Their web site is Have Fun.
2016-11-30 06:43:29 UTC
that's undemanding, move to a shuttle broking service, I used them earlier & they have a outstanding equipment for San Diego. 3 days at a very good motel (Hilton, etc.) for $199. it truly is reliable for 2 adults and a pair of toddlers or only 2 adults, plus they actually have a San Diego exciting bypass the position you may move to the Zoo & Wild Animal park & Legoland & each thing else for free! reliable success, that's the web site :)
2006-04-07 10:33:25 UTC
You can go to any Denny's if you don't like Truck Stops..I listed the site to the Coupon Mag..
2006-04-02 22:20:45 UTC
any rest stop or gas stations that are near the interstate or welcome centers comeing in an going out of that state. there are these little coupon books alover these places that can save you 20-50% an they are free
2006-04-02 22:04:36 UTC has good deals Yahoo! Travel also has some good deals I always use the Yahoo! one all the time.

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