mileage between san antonio tx. and houston tx.?
2006-02-27 07:15:56 UTC
mileage between san antonio tx. and houston tx.?
Eight answers:
2006-02-27 07:26:36 UTC
199 miles.
2016-05-20 08:49:28 UTC
San Antonio for sure! I just visited Houston last weekend and if you like Shopping, Houston would serve that for you. Other than that I'd say that San Antonio is a more relaxed atmosphere, as where Houston is more into the Business'. San Antonio is easier to Navigate and The roads are more improved than Houston's roads that are always under construction. SA is also close to Austin and that is where you can visit the state capital or party on 6th street. There both large cities and Houston might be larger but San Antonio is better.
2006-03-05 11:22:41 UTC
About 200 miles...we've traveled it many times whenmy husband traveled on business.

It takes about 2 1/2-3 hours traveling on 1-10. Just be careful when driving around SEguin and Flatonia!!!
2006-02-27 07:18:54 UTC
Around 197 miles.
2006-02-27 11:15:36 UTC
225 miles 2 1/2 hour drive
2006-02-27 07:19:39 UTC
197 Miles.

You can use the driving directions feature on Yahoo! Maps at

If you type in your starting address first, and then your destination address (the city you want to go to), it will give you an exact mileage plus directions on how to get there.
2006-02-27 07:18:40 UTC
You can goto Map Quest and type in your address and the one you are going to, it will give the exact milage and even a route to take. I come up with 211 miles.
2006-02-27 07:18:58 UTC
its about 197 miles....about 3 1/2 hours roughly....

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