Any good hotels around Market Square in San Antonio Tx ?
2006-02-28 17:08:21 UTC
We are going there during spring break.What are rates ?
Three answers:
2006-03-05 18:23:10 UTC
There are a few o'kay hotels that are walking distance to the market square but if you have no limit on a hotel there is one called La Mansion del Rio 1-210-518-1000 that is beautiful and it is located right off the river which is the heart of downtown San Antonio. There are other hotels located on the river but i think are over priced for an outdated motel 6 atmosphere and this discription does not exclude the Hilton Palacio that tries to charge over $200 a night!!! The Valencia is beautiful , there is also the best western sunset suites riverwalk 1-800-528-1234 that is across from the alamo dome and is about 89 -109 a night and within walking distance to the rivercenter mall. the westin riverwalk is really nice 1-800-937-8461. the menger is nice and that is next door to the alamo and rivercenter mall. Keep in mind that if you are going to try to save a few dollars and stay farther than the river and drive to and park the parking garages are slightly expensive and the $20 or $30 that you saved on the room will be used on the parking fees. So enjoy yourself and stay in one of these and enjoy the river right at your door. but there is a holiday inn right next to the market square and it's just o'kay. orbitz is good to get ideas of what the hotels look like but calling direct always gets you the best prices don't forget to ask for discounts!!
2006-03-05 11:19:00 UTC
La Valencia if you really want that San Antonio feel. Rates start around $99/night but its right on the riverwalk and gorgeous

However, 2 blocks down from el Mercado is a La Quinta Inn that only costs about $60/night. :)
2015-02-25 03:12:38 UTC
I have checked one look good hotel which is near to Heights Blvd, Holiday Inn San Antonio.

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